Don't Go The Journey Alone!


Are you frustrated and don’t know what to do?

Are you discouraged being treated for symptom after symptom 

without a diagnosis?

At your wit’s end trying to find answers navigating through the healthcare system? 

Unsure where to find medical help, resources and support for yourself or a loved one?  

I can help! Call me 1-857-210-8602

How I can help

Advocating on your behalf I can:

  • Identify healthcare professionals for diagnosis or treatment
  • Explore treatment options 
  • Find support groups or other resources to help with your medical care.
  • Attend doctor's appointments with you or your loved one
  • Assist in school/work issues related to you or your child’s illness

When to call me

When you've received a diagnosis and don't know what to do

When you need help getting care for yourself or a loved one

When you need help navigating the healthcare system

I am a Health Advocate in Boston, and service New England and Nationwide.

If you or someone you love is struggling and need a partner, contact me. I want to help you along your healthcare journey.

Contact Me Today at 1-857-210-8602